Anastasia Brow Wiz Eyebrow Liner Review

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Anastasia Brow LinerI’ve been a long time user of brow pencils to fill in my thin eyebrows. I’m from the generation where the nineties introduced a pencil thin brow. Since that was all the rage, I plucked and plucked my naturally thicker brows into oblivion, and now I’m paying for it with skimpy brows.

They say that all of your hair actually does thin with age as well, and I think that eyebrows and eyelashes are no exception, so that has just compounded the problem of thinner brows for me. I love the look of a fuller, well arched eyebrow, so I’ve had to use eybrow fillers to fill in the bald spots for the past several years.

I was pretty happy with the MAC brand of eyebrow pencils until I realized that the color I’d been wearing (which one of their reps suggested) really was too auburn for my skin. I could really tell in pictures, where the redness of the liner would show up, and I don’t know why I didn’t realize sooner that I’d been wearing the wrong color for a long time.

So one day I was shopping with my best friend and we hit a Sephora store. I talked to the lady there and told her my story how I needed something that matched not only hair and complexion, but also my natural brow color better.

She recommended the Anastasia brand. We ended up finding the perfect color for me, which may actually be a bit too dark when I get really pale in the winter time, but it still looks WAAAAY better than the MAC one I’d been using for a while.

We went with the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil, which is a very thin tipped roll up style brow liner. It’s so thin that you don’t have to ever worry about sharpening it and you don’t need much to create the fill ins that you need to help your eyebrows look fuller and more well-shaped.

It stays on too. I never look in the mirror and think it looks like it’s fading. Here’s a word of advice – if you are looking for a brow pencil that will actually look right on you, then put some of it on the back of your hand and see how it looks with your skin, and also see how it might match with you natural hair color.

Also get an unbiased opinion from a salesperson there, and try to look in a mirror to see how it actually goes with you hair and complexion. Otherwise, you may pick the wrong color and end up wearing it for a long time without it registering like me!

I got the Medium Ash color for mine and it’s really complimentary. I make sure I don’t “draw” with it, but rather I feather tiny little “hair like” wisps on with a light hand. This is the best method to getting a natural looking brow that doesn’t look like you literally drew it on.

I love the Anastasia brand. Sephora also has their own house brand of similar brow pencils for a little cheaper, and I plan on checking those out soon too. They roll up just like the Anastasia brand and have a super thin tip as well for great application.

Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Liner Review

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Neutrogena Nourishing Eye LinerOk, so I finally wore one of my favorite eye liners down to a nub that was not easy to sharpen and just wasn’t going on so smoothly any more.  I should note that one eye liner pencil or roll up version lasts me FOREVER and I tend to use the same one every day lately, so that’s saying a lot because I am almost an every-day eye liner user.

Sometimes I line my top lid, sometimes I don’t. Usually I just do a smudged brown line on my lower lash line and some mascara on my top lashes and eye shadow and I’m done with it. Once in a while I go for a little more drama and line the top lid with a liquid liner “cat eye” style but that’s reserved for days when I’m not feeling particularly lazy about makeup application.

As I was saying, I was getting tired of not having a sharp point on my current brown eye liner, so I came across a Neutrogena roll up style brown liner at the grocery store of all places. I’d had it! I bought it even though it was ridiculously marked up, hoping it might be some great off the cuff, unplanned discovery that I would forever treasure in my makeup collection going forward.

I bought the Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Liner in the color Spiced Chocolate, a nice warm brown color. I hate brown liners that are tinged with red as they make me look like I have pink eye, but this was the perfect warm brown without those red highlights.

So, how can an eye liner be “nourishing”? Well, to be honest I really didn’t care about this part. It supposedly has some shea butter and olive oil in it so it can help it glide smoothly and can help nourish the skin and the lashes. Not that important to me really. I was more concerned that it would glide on smoothly, with a nice thin line every time, and that he smudger on the end would work well.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well this glided on my lids.  It made a very nice, dark line with one application, and was creamy enough that it blended very well. The color was just bold enough and just concentrated enough that I figured it might not fade throughout the day like so many other eye liners do.

That’s where I was wrong though.  Although this eye liner went on very nicely, it simply didn’t stay put for me all day long. About halfway through the day, I noticed it looked like it had all but disappeared from my lower lids.  I do have very oily skin so I just wanted to throw that disclaimer out there too.

This moisturizing liner might be better suited to someone who has dry skin that can use the moisture, but as for me it was simply too creamy and melted right off throughout the day.

It also smeared easily as it wore on.  So a couple times I had to fix it by just wiping away the smears. Not a good look.  I really wanted to like this, especially after being thrilled with how well it went on and how professional the application looked when I first put it on. The effect just didn’t last. So on to the next!

Feel free to leave any comments or feedback if you’ve tried the Neutrogena Nourishing Eye liner. All comments welcome!  I’m sure it works well for some skin types, just not mine!


What Kind of Hairbrush Should You Use for Full, Static-Free, Shiny Hair?

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My Favorite Brush

My Favorite Brush

One thing I’ve recently learned that was almost like an “aha” moment for me is that my hair looks SO much better when I brush it several times throughout the day. I honestly cannot believe I got by this far by just using a comb here and there, or sometimes not even brushing my hair during the day at all, aside from running my fingers through it to separate the strands and fluff it a bit!

Now I’ve found that even if my hair is a bit “fluffier” than what I’d like it to be immediately after I brush it, it pretty much calms down within a minute or two, and it looks MUCH better. Brushing your hair (with the RIGHT brush mind you) creates strand separation, soft body and if you get the right brush, also enhances shine.

Often times we end up with a head of hair that looks clumped and dull by the end of the day if we don’t brush it. It can also look tangled and unruly if we don’t brush it, especially if we have hair that’s on the longer side. You may not need to worry too much if you have a pixie cut or very short locks, but anyone with shoulder length or even just below the ears length of hair should probably be brushing their hair a couple times a day.

If you have very fine hair, then it really helps keep the body up as well, so even people who think they shouldn’t brush because it might flatten the hair should try it out.

I have a brush in my gym bag now, a tiny brush in my purse, and a couple brushes at home. Here’s what I’ve found works best for my hair. I have long hair that is on the more wavy side naturally, and is quite full in volume when my layers are all grown out.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a good brush. I’ve found the best thing that works for me isn’t the natural boar bristle brushes, but rather a paddle brush with a very cushioned bottom that the plastic bristles come out of. I like the “ionic” brushes that are supposed to help infuse shine and create soft body.

The most important aspect in my opinion is the bristles being the plastic type with the tiny balls on the end, and the bottom being very cushy, because this help prevents pulling and breaking of the hair. It makes for a super-gentle brushing every time, and creates that body and separation that keeps the hair looking fresh throughout the day.

I only spent about $7 on my large ionic brush. It’s by Goody, and works like a charm to get tangles out without breaking my hair or pulling on it. Oh, by the way the more you brush your hair, the less tangled it is! It’s also good for your scalp because it helps gently massage it and keeps it stimulated so the circulation is better. This can help keep your hair growth healthy and plentiful.

Why do women choose to have a Breast Enlargement?

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Breast EnlargementFor many people this seems a difficult question to answer, unless of course you have had the procedure yourself. These days the media tend to vilify women who have had the procedure as they focus on either the cases where things have gone wrong, or where people have taken their surgeries to extremes. However in the majority of cases women that choose to have the procedure do it purely for them and the results are probably so subtle that others don’t even notice they’ve had the procedure at all.

A fundamental reason for women deciding to have a Breast Enlargements is to regain their confidence, as for many women their breasts can be a cause for insecurity. One factor which we see at MYA as a key influence upon the decision to have surgery is pregnancy. During pregnancy the hormones and changing shape of your body can often cause the size and shape of your breasts to change. For some women this isn’t a problem, as they embrace the changes to their shape as a natural part of pregnancy.

However once they have given birth they find that their breasts lose their shape and volume, and that breastfeeding only makes this worse. The result is that this can damage their confidence significantly and therefore Breast Enlargement’s can offer a solution to this problem. Therefore mothers are a key demographic that choose to have breast enlargements to repair their self-esteem.

However it is important to point out that this is not the only reason that women choose to have a breast enlargement, in fact there are a whole demographic of people who have completely different reasons behind having their procedure. For some girls the size of their breasts is something which has affected their self-esteem for most of their lives, and when they are finally able to, they take the decision to have their procedure.

Unless you are born with the golden genes of a Victoria’s Secret model it’s likely that you are not so perfectly proportioned, for example those with a pear shaped frame. A breast enlargement can help you to turn your bottom-heavy shape into a far better proportioned hourglass shape – which is a much more desirable shape! Additionally many women find that the size of there is not proportionate to the size of their frame; in these cases a Breast Enlargement can help these individuals to regain confidence in their shape.

Most recently a popular trend that we have seen developing is for brides to be having Breast Augmentation’s before they walk down the aisle. For these individuals a Breast Enlargement is the perfect way to make sure they feel and look their best in their wedding dresses and gives them the confidence boost they need to feel fabulous on their wedding day.

In a recent interview a plastic surgeon was asked the question as to why he thought so many decided to go under the knife. His answer was as follows: “People have surgery not to impress others, they do it to impress themselves…the fact is it’s about self-esteem. They’re doing it for themselves”. This really highlights just how difficult the decision to have surgery really is and that it is not a decision that is taken lightly. This shows the benefit of surgery, and that is not just a change to the physical appearance, but a beneficial change to the psychological as well.

Solutions for Over-Plucked Eyebrows

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If you’re like me, and you lived through the early nineties when the pencil thin eyebrow was in, you may have permanently lost a lot of your precious eyebrow hairs to overzealous plucking. Remember the days of Baywatch and Pamela Anderson sporting her uber-thin eyebrows? I remember I actually thought that looked good!

Fast forward to the much more tasteful and universally flattering, fuller and more shaped brow that follows the natural brow line. Now I’m in my thirties and am finding that my poor eyebrows were so over-plucked back in the nineties that they simply stopped growing back in many areas.

This created a lot of “bald spots” in my eyebrows on both sides of my face. It also made it very hard to create new arches as my face changes, which unfortunately it inevitably does for all of us as we age. This is bad news, because in my opinion, great shaped eyebrows really frame your face and make all the difference in how you look.

Years ago, I used to have lots of bushy, thick eyebrow hair to choose from. Heck, I used to curse how thick my eyebrows were and how often I needed to pluck them to keep that ridiculous pencil thin, defined line I was so fond of. Another thing you have to consider is that as you grow older, you do lose a lot of hair, even the hair of your eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as body hair. So this just adds to the plight of those of us with thin eyebrow hair.

The Over-Plucked Eyebrow Solution for Rich People

If you’re rich and have tons of money to squander on cosmetic procedures, you can actually get eyebrow transplants, just like you would get a hair transplant on your head. The hairs are individually implanted where they need to go in the eyebrow area. As you can imagine, this is labor intensive and the surgeons fees are probably pretty high.

The best cost estimate I could find for this procedure was about $3,000 average, but it can go up into the $6,000 range depending on your surgeon and the area you live in. This is rarely covered by insurance since it’s cosmetic in nature, even most of the time if the eyebrow loss is due to alopecia or some other medical condition that would cause the loss of eyebrow hairs.

Using a Brow Growth Serum

There are plenty of professional eyebrow growth serums out there now. They were all spawned from the hyper-success of the medical grade serum that was originally developed for cataracts but was actually found to stimulate eyelash (and eyebrow) growth.

Most of the over the counter brow growth serums and gels contain amino acids and proteins that help to encourage hair growth. They’re not all effective, but some women report some success at them helping grow their eyebrows out to a good length again.

Wunder Brow

This is a product I came across while searching for some other unrelated cosmetic online one day (I don’t even remember what I was searching for). Wunder Brow is both a brow liner and it deposits tiny little fibers along the brow line that are supposed to look like tiny brow hairs.

It is supposed to stay on in the water as well, which makes it ideal for those that wish to always have their “drawn on” brows stay even when frolicking in the water. The product also claims that it can stay on through showers and face washings, as long as the area isn’t too disturbed by overzealous scrubbing. Some users say it can stay on for days if you’re careful.

The catch with this product, just like any liner, is that you really have to make sure you pick exactly the right color. If you pick a slightly “off” color from your God-given natural brow color, then it just looks all wrong and the whole look goes out the window.

Using a Great Eyebrow Lining Pencil

This is the method I’ve used for years, and the product I’ve been loyal to for years is the MAC eyebrow liner. It has a mechanical wind up, and it is very thin so there’s really no guess work in how thin the pencil is and you don’t have to keep sharpening it.

They have quite a few colors to choose from, and the liner really stays on all day long without budging. I love MAC because you can try any of their colors before you buy them. Make sure you get a technician to help you out and they can direct you to the right color for your skin tone and existing brow color.


Just Learned a New Exercise for Nasolabial Folds!

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I just LOVE using natural methods to keep my facial skin toned, my muscles lifted underneath, my cheekbones high, and to keep my chin and neck from drooping. Admittedly, these are all due to the inescapable forces of gravity, which is something we all have to contend with the longer we are here on this earth.

However, we can somewhat defy these cruel laws of gravity by doing daily facial exercises which help to tone and lift the underlying muscles and fascia that lay beneath the skin on the face. This helps us not only fight wrinkles, sagging and aging, but it can fight the inevitable muscle erosion that occurs, making things fall down and generally look more slack.

One of the problems that I’m noticing on my own face has really started to bother me. These are the nasolabial folds as they are termed. These folds are those lines that run up from the edges of your mouth to the edges of your nose.

As we age, they tend to get deeper and the crease becomes more noticeable. Everyone notices this as they age, but some notice it a little earlier than others depending on their facial structure. I started to notice it several years ago on myself. They say you’re always your own harshest critic, and boy was I!

I’m 38 years old now, so I started to notice them when I was about 33. It was mostly in pictures that I could really see them, especially if my skin was really dehydrated since this exaggerates any folds or wrinkles present in the skin.

Nasolabial folds can really make you look older. The good news is, there are ways to puff them back out. I’ve just started trying a new yoga-inspired exercise I learned to hopefully get a natural (and totally free) result and will definitely report back to you with my results. However, there are also options that do not involve cutting (but do involve injections) that can address these creases.

Hyaluronic acid or filler injections can fill these folds out quickly. It takes a lot of the solution to fill them out though, so you could be looking at quite a costly bill when all said and done. Without further ado, I’d like to share with you the new exercise I learned to help address these folds naturally.

Even if this only helps a little, it will take only about thirty seconds out of your day. Oh, and you can do it anywhere. You’d just probably want to do it in private since it looks a little silly ?

Start by filling your mouth with air, so that it looks like you have jawbreakers in both sides of your mouth and the sides of your cheeks are both taut with pressure from the air.

First, roll the air all over to the right side of your mouth. Hold for five seconds. Then, roll the air over the left side of your mouth so your left cheek is puffing out a lot with the air pressure. Hold for five seconds.

Now, roll the air up to the top lip, so that the upper lip area is puffed out with the air. Hold for five seconds. Lastly, do that same thing with the area below your mouth and hold for five seconds.

That’s it! Literally less than a minute. Like I said I plan on doing these daily and reporting back with my results in a few weeks.


Six Ways to Achieve a Clear Complexion this Summer

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Everyone wants a flawless complexion but with a little effort and a few essential skincare products, the skin you have always wanted is within reach. Here are six tips to help you whip your skin in to shape in time for summer.

Cleanse Tone and Moisturise

Great skin starts with a good skin regime and therefore the first step to improving your complexion is to invest in some high quality skincare products. Our skin tends to pick up dirt and grease throughout the day and therefore it is essential that you remove every trace of this at night. Using a cleanser followed by a toner ensures that every trace of dirt, grime and makeup is removed. Finish with a high quality moisturiser to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. You can find a range of high quality skincare products including la prairie at Beautique.

Hit the Steam Room

If you attend a gym that has a steam room, there is a skin clearing secret that has been sitting under your nose the whole time. Regular trips to the steam room offer a number of benefits to your skin as it opens your pores and eliminates toxins from the body.

Up your Water Intake

Do you drink the recommended the eight glasses of water a day? Water helps to flush toxins out of our bodies and ensure our skin is hydrated. Drinking your recommended daily allowance of water can leave your skin looking healthy and clear.

Eat Well

Cleaning up your diet and replacing sugary foods with plenty of fruit and vegetables can have a wonderful effect on your skin. The food that you eat can affect your complexion for better or worse but including healthy foods in your diet can help you achieve a clear complexion.


When you are stressed, it shows on your skin and stressing about your skin can make things even worse. If you want clear skin, it is essential to relax. Indulge in a spot of yoga or visit a spa to take a break from your hectic schedule.

Try Green Tea

Green tea is packed full of antioxidants that are great for your skin. It is no surprise that what you put in to your body has an effect on how your skin looks on the outside and these herbal teas are a great alternative to black tea.


i-Lipo or Laser Lipo : What Is It and Is It Effective at Removing Fat?

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i-Lipo (also known as Laser Lipo) is one of the most recent developments in the so-called “noninvasive” fat removal techniques that promises to rid your problem areas of fatty deposits without cutting, lasering or otherwise breaking your skin.  So it purports to remove fat just as liposuction or Smart Lipo does, but only without actually removing the fat with a suction device.

When I see new techniques like this, I’m often skeptical. This is because any treatment that is supposed to remove fat from the body without actually physically removing it with a cannula or suction tube, has very mixed reviews from clients who have had the treatment done.

This happened with the Zerona procedure, which was supposed to freeze the fat cells by placing a topical freezing device on top of the skin. It was supposed to freeze and therefore destroy the fat cells, making them essentially explode and disintegrate so that they can then be flushed from the body by the body’s own natural mechanisms for getting rid of “toxins” and other debris that doesn’t belong.

i-Lipo says it does something very similar, except it uses deep red infrared lasers to destroy the fat cells beneath the surface by placing several paddles on the affected areas for a period of time. The place around me that offers the treatment locally then actually makes their patients do about a half hour or more of cardio so that the body can work the destroyed fat cells out on its own.

The importance of physical activity afterwards is definitely stressed even on the website of the manufacturer that makes the fat blasting technology, so the cardio must play a vital role in getting the body to remove the fat cells via its natural lymphatic drainage processes.

I did watch quite a few videos showing the procedure and the outcome and I must say they were pretty convincing.  The Doctors even had the procedure on, but then again they rave about a lot of procedures and that doesn’t necessarily mean they endorse them or say they work really well.

I actually got a Groupon offer for this procedure at a place near by where I live, which is what prompted me to start researching it. I have been a little out of the loop on the latest and greatest in cosmetic surgery technology, and I love to read about the new offerings.

The only thing that concerns me about this process is that I wonder how permanent the results are. The treatments end up being a lot cheaper than Smart Lipo or normal liposuction, but because the procedure only makes the fat cells dump the fat out of the cells, and doesn’t actually remove whole fat cells, I do have to wonder if the results are permanent.

Even though I’d be paying almost half of what I would for more expensive (and invasive) surgeries, it’s still a significant sum of money to be wasting if it’s not going to last a long time.  If anyone has any experiences with this Laser Lipo, I’d love if they could share it here!


Just Got My Bliss Lean Machine in the Mail!

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Bliss Lean MachineSo I’ve been hinting that I was looking for a good at-home solution for the cellulite that’s built up over the years on my thighs and butt (as well as a little on my stomach, which I never thought possible).  Well, I found the one I wanted, at the right price and with pretty good reviews as well.

I wanted something that seemed to have a high caliber of quality, and I wanted something from a brand that I’d actually heard of.  The Bliss Lean Machine is their cellulite treatment vacuum machine that they’ve recently come up with as an accompaniment to their already uber popular cellulite cream Fat Girl Slim.

I had used a similar device years ago and had some pretty good results with it, but it wasn’t very well made and didn’t last long.  I’m hoping this one lasts a little longer and gives the same great results. In the coming weeks I am going to provide my review and let all my readers know what kind of results I got from using the Bliss Lean Machine.

I plan on using it religiously as they advise, which is 3 minutes on each body part every day until you start to see results, then you can pare it back to a few times a week.  Not sure I’m going to use a cellulite cream with it or not, I’m thinking probably not.

Review will be forthcoming soon!


Just Bought a Fat Cavitation Device : Will Review!

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Cavitation Fat Reduction DeviceI just bought a home fat cavitation device for me and my husband to try out on some stubborn areas of fat on our bodies that we want to minimize. I also want to try it to help with the cellulite on my butt and thighs, as well as to help tighten my belly and possibly tighten the neck area, which seems to have accumulated fat under the chin.

Cavitation is a method to help the fat cells “dump” their contents and shrink. It does not eliminate the fat cells, just the contents of them, so in effect it has the same outcome as weight loss since our fat cells shrink with weight loss.

As with anything else non-invasive, there are plenty of naysayers and skeptics on this method. However, I’ve done more than my due diligence in researching ultrasonic fat cavitation, and firmly believe that if you follow the regimen and do it yourself at home at the right frequencies, you can get real results.

Plus I’m cheap and don’t want to pay for someone else to do it when I can do it myself and have more faith in myself doing it at the right intensity. When I want something I can be very disciplined at getting it done, so I’m definitely the right sort of personality for trying it out at home.

I’ll have more to come on my results and my husband’s results as well in the next few months. I believe it is being shipped from overseas because it won’t get here until the middle or end of May. I also purchased a suction device, the Bliss Lean Machine, so that I can do that as well and help to shape and tone the area after cavitation.

All in all, both devices cost me about $500, so if this works, even if it takes time and patience and dedication it will be well worth it!

More to come!