Best Recommended Skin Care Blogs

We’ve carefully selected these blogs because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.

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Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter

Allure magazine’s beauty blog covers fashion, hair, celebrities, and more, but the stories are often focused on skin care and makeup. Written by a number of contributors with different interests, each post has its own unique flair, whether it’s about drinkable sunscreen, magnetic false eyelashes, or Judi Dench’s latest tattoo.

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High on Clear Skin

Focusing on all natural treatments for women with adult acne, Fran uses her personal experience with serious acne to share tips and advice on how to get clearer skin. Along with great giveaways, she reviews products, supplements, and vitamins that have helped her achieve clearer skin.

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Jenni Raincloud

Aesthetician Jenni Raincloud’s blog is a great place to go for tips on skin care, essential oils, and other natural or over-the-counter beauty products. Get the lowdown on creams, supplements, and skin care myths, and follow some of her tutorials. There’s a fairly extensive list of recipes for products you can make yourself at home (and if you aren’t into DIY, she also sells them).

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The Love Vitamin

Tracy Raftl’s blog is based on her personal journey with chronic acne, and focuses on educating her readers on the things that will help your acne or make it worse. She discusses makeup, vitamins, supplements, recipes, and other natural ways to clear up chronic acne. She is proof that it can be controlled and provides plenty of inspiration. Since makeup can be a challenge when you struggle with acne, be sure to check out her post “Best Makeup Brands for Acne-Prone Skin.”

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New Beauty

New Beauty is a comprehensive blog that covers most topics related to beauty. These include makeup, skin care, hair, cosmetic treatments, and even which cocktails are best for your skin. The blogs are written by multiple contributors and keep on top of the newest trends, products, and treatments from celebrities and medical professionals. Physicians from several related specialties are on the advisory board of New Beauty.

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Foolproof Ways To Cook Up A Storm

Cooking with your friends and families is fun. I know I do. But if you live alone like I do, you may think cooking for oneself isn’t necessary. As a matter fact, I enjoy cooking especially for myself. Anyhow, this article will focus on best cookware sets for the money that are perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking for oneself. Moreover, I own this cookware set and believe that you’ll enjoy using them as much as I do.

Say Hello To The T-Fal Hard Anodized Durable Nonstick Cookware Set

With the T-Fal E918SC Hard Anodized Durable Nonstick Cookware Set; to be honest, this is my favourite cookware set in my kitchen. The price is reasonably affordable for 12 pieces of cooking pots and pans. Not only it has a tough nonstick coating but also I don’t have to worry about scratches when I’m using my metal spatulas or wash them with a dish bristle-brush. This set comes with 12 different pieces, and they are made of hard-anodized aluminium. Moreover, all of these cookware items are PFOA-Free. They are easy to clean, and this cookware has unlimited usage for cooking.

What Can This Cookware Set Do ?

Moreover, since I bought this cookware set, I cook all of my food from making sauces, to sautéing of vegetables, even cooking meat and fish. Their pan is the perfect tool to cook pan-seared fish and filet mignon. I would definitely, recommend this cookware set to anyone. It is not only convenient but also you don’t have to worry about burning yourself. To be honest, I have never burned myself with this set. For a full review on this cookware set visit cook with tina.

To conclude, this cookware set is so far the best for me. It works well not only to cook for myself, but when I have friends and family over, I use this set to cook a delicious and savoury meal. Not to mention, there is nothing I can say bad about this cookware set except I can say that is one of the best cookware set I have ever owned in my life.

Stainless Steel Frying Pan Alternative

If you prefer to pick up an old school stand alone sauce pan, you’re in luck. I am really ecstatic about my stainless steel sauce pan that I bought not too long ago. If I might say so myself; the Cuisinart MCP19-16N Stainless Steel Saucepan with Cover is the perfect choice for anyone who loves cooking up a storm.

Cuisinart MCP19-16N Stainless Steel Saucepan with Cover

Available at an affordable price, this saucepan is designed with a lot of creativity in mind where an aluminum core is sandwiched between two steel layers to make it a pure heat conductor. Mothers and chefs alike will really enjoy cooking their best foods with this pan because it pre-heats fast and cooks your food evenly without overheating.

Multipurposed Miracle

The Cuisinart MCP19-16N Stainless Steel Saucepan has been a real kitchen master in a number of ways. First, this cookware is light making it easier to handle, it has a deep interior, very easy to wash at the sink and has a riveted handle that allows you to hold the saucepan firmly when turning food with a spatula. (Check out here)

Pros and Cons

When it comes to the pros, the Cuisinart MCP19-16N Stainless Steel Saucepan has a lot to offer. Just to mention a few;

This saucepan is available at an affordable price as compared to most other pans in the market. This saucepan is heavy enough to maintain its stability when resting on the stove top. This saucepan is very easy to use. All you have to do is allow it to pre-heat before adding oil and your ingredients. The riveted handle is long enough to prevent your hands from burning.

One minor setback with this saucepan is that the lid is not transparent and it does get hot when cooking. Cleaning this saucepan was quite difficult especially areas around the rivets.

Recommended Kitchen Knife Set

Kitchen knife set online


The Kitchen Knife Set That I Recommended

Knives have been in use for hundreds of centuries, and their uses have expanded over the years. Unlike ancient communities who depended on knives solely for survival, we use knives for a variety of tasks including buttering bread, chopping vegetables and even curving ornaments. I buy my knives for use in the kitchen, and since I am an avid shopper, I like to weigh all my options. The internet makes my search easier since I can easily browse websites and make my choice. Before buying a kitchen knife set online, I consider the following factors:

Credibility of Manufacturer

The reputation of a manufacturer reflects the quality of the knife. I buy knives from certified manufacturers with a long-standing reputation among customers. The easiest way to find this is to read through the customer review section and see how the product is received by buyers.

A good kitchen knife set should be reasonably priced. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. However, as a rule, I normally look at the quality of the materials used to make the knife before giving my verdict. A silver-plated knife would cost me more than a basic steel knife.
Terms of Purchase

I am cautious of sellers who require payment for a knife that is not in stock or ready-to-ship at the time of payment. Common scammers have devised a way of making multiple buyers pay for the same product before shipping. If the knife is currently out of stock, I wait till it is re-stocked.
Legal RequirementsRegulations about online shopping are always changing. I have previously had to cancel a order for a set I had bought due to a ban on buying knives online. I am always keen on recent legislation to prevent future problems with the seller.

Knives are definitely a must-have tool for the modern person. As technology evolves, we will continue to see more inventions of knives and their uses. I will continue to expand my knife collection as I wait for the next knife frontier!

Essential Knife Sharpening Tools


Essential Knife Sharpening ToolsEssential Knife Sharpening Tools

Knife Sharpening Tools Is A Must

I used to not use the sharpening steel that came together with my chef knife set as I didn’t know what it was actually for. After researching online, I now know that it is used to align the edge of your knife. A sharpening steel which is also known as a honing steel doesn’t actually sharpen your knives.

Honing vs Sharpening a Knife
The honing steel is actually used to maintain a sharp knife’s edge not to sharpen a dull knife. If your goal is to sharpen your dull knife, then you should purchase a Japanese Water Stone. A honing steel does not remove metal from the blade.

They way I learnt to use the honing steel is to swipe each side of your knife’s edge on the honing steel. Remember to swipe them evenly. Maybe twice on each side. After that, don’t forget to rinse it. If you want to sharpen your knives, I suggest you seek out an expert because it does take practice to know how to properly use the Japanese Water Stone.


Acne After 40


If you think only teenagers suffer from acne, think again. Your chance of developing acne rises as we approach menopause. You can thank your hormones if you start breaking out in your forties. If you have not dealt with acne since your teens, your experience is likely to be different at 40 than it was at 14.
In fact, the number of cases of women with adult acne is on the rise. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 25% of women in their forties and fifties struggle with acne. If you are one of the unlucky women dealing with acne after age forty, we have some tips.

1. Be aware of your menstrual cycle

Most cases of acne after age forty are linked to hormonal shifts. While menopause still may be several years off for you, your hormone levels are most likely fluctuating. If you still have your periods, it will be helpful to know when they might be starting.

Why? If you are fairly regular, you can take extra measures to help minimize your breakouts. Think of it as a pre-emptive strike of sorts. Hormonal acne often affects the chin area, so if you treat this area diligently for a few days prior to your menstrual cycle, you may be able to fend off a major breakout. Using an exfoliating product containing salicylic acid, for example, can help unclog the pores and prevent a major breakout from brewing. My favorite salicylic acid product is Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid.

2. Sign up for a yoga class

While stress does not cause new cases of acne, it can certainly aggravates existing ones. This is because stress makes the body produce excess levels of cortisol, which is an adrenal steroid. Finding ways to manage your stress more effectively may help reduce flare ups of acne. Take a walk by the ocean, meditate, take up painting or any other activity that makes you feel calm. Yoga is particularly helpful, as it not only can help reduce your levels of stress, but it involves physical activity.

3. Speaking of physical activity…

Many holistic health practitioners believe that exercise is the key to balancing your hormones. It would make sense to believe that hormonal acne is much less likely to occur without a hormonal imbalance. Regular physical activity is advised for weight management, lowering blood pressure, easing mood disorders and more. So lace up those sneakers and get moving. It may prevent some of those pesky hormonal breakouts!

4. Wash your face before bed

This should already be a must, but I know that so many people believe this is an unnecessary step if they do not wear makeup. This is not true. You still will have environmental contaminants, dirt and other types of grime present on the skin even if you cannot see them. If you go to bed with these on your skin, they will contribute to the likelihood that you will develop more acne, especially if you are already prone to the condition. The fact is that everyone needs to wash their face with a gentle facial cleanser before hitting the sheets. My personal favorite cleanser is the Advanced Botanicals Daily Facial Cleanser from Seed Body Care. In fact, I recommend their entire new facial regimen and personally use the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

5. Now is the time to treat your skin with great care

We are all busy. Sometimes it is so much easier just to grab whatever is handy in the shower and use that on your face. It is important to spend a few more minutes to take care of your skin, especially if you are suffering from acne after 40. More and more women this age find that they experience cystic acne, which can be painful and embarrassing. Following a solid skincare routine and sticking with it will help lessen breakouts, including unpleasant cystic acne. If you are feeling that you are “too busy” for a more detailed skincare regimen, consider an acne treatment kit. A good choice is the Exuviance Essentials Oily/Acne Prone Kit. When I used to freelance for this brand as an educator, I saw first-hand the dramatic results experienced by customers with cystic acne thanks to the potent, yet pretty gentle ingredients in Exuviance. (Go to source)