Best Recommended Skin Care Blogs

We’ve carefully selected these blogs because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.

Source from Healthline


Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter

Allure magazine’s beauty blog covers fashion, hair, celebrities, and more, but the stories are often focused on skin care and makeup. Written by a number of contributors with different interests, each post has its own unique flair, whether it’s about drinkable sunscreen, magnetic false eyelashes, or Judi Dench’s latest tattoo.

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High on Clear Skin

Focusing on all natural treatments for women with adult acne, Fran uses her personal experience with serious acne to share tips and advice on how to get clearer skin. Along with great giveaways, she reviews products, supplements, and vitamins that have helped her achieve clearer skin.

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Jenni Raincloud

Aesthetician Jenni Raincloud’s blog is a great place to go for tips on skin care, essential oils, and other natural or over-the-counter beauty products. Get the lowdown on creams, supplements, and skin care myths, and follow some of her tutorials. There’s a fairly extensive list of recipes for products you can make yourself at home (and if you aren’t into DIY, she also sells them).

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The Love Vitamin

Tracy Raftl’s blog is based on her personal journey with chronic acne, and focuses on educating her readers on the things that will help your acne or make it worse. She discusses makeup, vitamins, supplements, recipes, and other natural ways to clear up chronic acne. She is proof that it can be controlled and provides plenty of inspiration. Since makeup can be a challenge when you struggle with acne, be sure to check out her post “Best Makeup Brands for Acne-Prone Skin.”

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New Beauty

New Beauty is a comprehensive blog that covers most topics related to beauty. These include makeup, skin care, hair, cosmetic treatments, and even which cocktails are best for your skin. The blogs are written by multiple contributors and keep on top of the newest trends, products, and treatments from celebrities and medical professionals. Physicians from several related specialties are on the advisory board of New Beauty.

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