Essential Knife Sharpening Tools


Essential Knife Sharpening ToolsEssential Knife Sharpening Tools

Knife Sharpening Tools Is A Must

I used to not use the sharpening steel that came together with my chef knife set as I didn’t know what it was actually for. After researching online, I now know that it is used to align the edge of your knife. A sharpening steel which is also known as a honing steel doesn’t actually sharpen your knives.

Honing vs Sharpening a Knife
The honing steel is actually used to maintain a sharp knife’s edge not to sharpen a dull knife. If your goal is to sharpen your dull knife, then you should purchase a Japanese Water Stone. A honing steel does not remove metal from the blade.

They way I learnt to use the honing steel is to swipe each side of your knife’s edge on the honing steel. Remember to swipe them evenly. Maybe twice on each side. After that, don’t forget to rinse it. If you want to sharpen your knives, I suggest you seek out an expert because it does take practice to know how to properly use the Japanese Water Stone.


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