Acne Laser Treatment

The Most Promising and Advanced Treatment for Acne and Acne Scarring

In-home soft light laser therapy for acne, acne scarring and wrinkle treatment

The soft light laser is gaining so much attention lately for it’s treatment of wrinkles, scarring and other skin imperfections, that it is hard to tell exactly how beneficial it can really be for those with acne..

I’m here to tell you first hand – this thing kicks butt if you have acne or any acne scarring that needs to be healed and smoothed.  The laser heals existing acne lesions lightning fast, and makes red scars and pitting seem to vanish in a few weeks.  However, I still recommend using one of these acne skin care products which I have relied on to keep my skin clear now for years.

Not only that, I’ve noticed my crows feet (yes, I’m 30 and I have acne and wrinkles!), have softened considerably in just two weeks usage.

In addition to laser treatments for acne scarring, I’ve also found great success with the Zenmed acne scarring reduction system, which includes microdermabrasion and softening lotions which help to reduce the hyper pigmentation that goes with acne scarring.

If the results are this good in just a few weeks, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed over the long haul with what it can do for blemish removal and overall acne treatment.

The first recommendation is below for the laser treatment of acne, which by the way, is one of the best way to not only lessen acne, but also to help soften the ravages of acne scarring by rejuvenating the skin at a cellular level, allowing the increased collagen product to help smooth and heal acne scars, as well as prevent new acne lesions from even occurring in the first place.

For the sake of comparison, I’m going to tell you about two different home soft light lasers that are on the market for home usage right now.  One is the Dermalogix  Soft Light Laser, which is more expensive than the Beurer, and I’ve had excellent results with this Beurer laser.  I would have to say that if I even have one complaint about it, it’s that the laser head and area of would be nicer if it covered a bigger surface area, and that way you would probably use it in less time.

For this reason, we are going to talk about what the Beurer home soft laser can do for those with acne and scarring, and the pitting and redness that come along with old scars from past breakouts.

Here’s what the studies have to say about the Acne Treatment Beurer Soft Light Laser:

The end results of many soft light pulsed laser studies, in layman’s terms, demonstrated a substantial decrease in acne formations, as well as a substantial and very noticeable decrease in visibility and presence of scarring and skin roughness.  Skin was noticeably smoothed on those that used the laser on their faces faithfully for a period of six weeks.

Results were evident even before the six week trial, but each patient had to finish at least a six week run in order to quantify the results.  Not only will this laser help with smoothing acne scarring, but it will also greatly improve fine lines – I’ve noticed my light “crows feet” around my eyes have diminished considerably with normal usage of the laser, and have even had comments from lots of people asking me what I’ve been “getting done” because my skin looks so good.

Another product we will talk about it the Avon Anew Laser alternative product.  This one, while I haven’t used it, I flet I should still tell you about it since it’s an economical alternative, however I don’t feel nearly as effective as the Beurer hand held acne laser treatment wand.  Proven to visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots, redness & broken capillaries.Two-step skin-perfecting system corrects and protects with all the precision of a professional laser.

Signs of aging are “zapped away” for visible younger-looking skin.

STEP 1:  Correct with ANEW CLINICAL Laser Unique pen-like, roller-ball applicator delivers exact doses with laser-like precision to visibly diminish skin discolorations and redness. .5 fl.oz. Stand included. Step 2:
Protect with ANEW CLINICAL Post-Laser Protector SPF 30 Smoothing and comforting, vital post-treatment
moisturizer maximizes the benefits of ANEW CLINICAL Laser and helps protect corrected areas against
future damage with SPF 30 protection. 1.5 fl. oz.

Formula with Mangostin extract reduces the appearance of broken capillaries, redness and
blotchinessPure 10% Vitamin C, plus a blend of extracts, including licorice and flavanoids, improves the
appearance of skin discolorations and hyper-pigmentation.After 1 week, reduces the appearance of
imperfections; skin tone looks more balanced and unified With continued use EVERY woman exhibited
more even skin tone77% showed improvement in dark spots; 81% showed improvement in scarring and
skin imperfections…

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