The Best Rated Anti Aging Products

Ratings and Reviews of the Top Anti Aging Products

You CAN make your skin look best throughout the aging process, and prevent sags, fine lines and wrinkles before they happen. You just need to know what the most highly rated skin care products for anti aging are so you can find which one is right for your skin.

I can personally attest that topical creams, serums and treatments have kept my skin in excellent shape, all without the help of a cosmetic surgeon and multiple spa visits for anti aging treatments that cost hundreds of dollars.

I have done it all in my own home, and in my mid thirties, my skin still gets compliments, I am happy to say! In fact, I feel the best rated anti aging products are not simply from expensive department store shelves, where fifty bucks will buy you a miniscule sized jar of cream, but they come from some excellent companies like the new Eyelasticity product for crows feet and dark undereye circles shown below (see more about their technology) that sell their products online, and even some that you can buy at your local drugstore, Wal-Mart or Target, that have well known brand names.

Ingredients to Look for No Matter What Anti Aging Products You are Researching:

With effective new ingredients like peptides, retinol (vitamin a derivatives, look for vitamin A in the ingredients list), DMAE, hyaluronic acid, concentrated forms of Vitamin C – which is great for brightness and clarity, and a variety of scrubbing, exfoliating, and luminosity-improving acids, it is no wonder there is rampant competition amongst who gets the coveted top dog spot of anti aging products today. Every day they are perfecting concoctions of ingredients that work simultaneously to sculpt, smooth, refine, tone and brighten the skin.

There are so many out there that claim the same things, to improve wrinkles by 30% or to dramatically reduce fine lines, or even to fade age spots and hyper pigmentation, that we are confused (I know I am sometimes) about which product is really going to work best for our skin and give us the best results.

Competition amongst products is good for us, the consumer because it forces these companies to out-do each other, resulting in more innovation in anti aging technology.

The first question to ask yourself is, what is your ultimate goal you want to satisfy with your chosen skin care regimen? Are you mostly concerned with age spots and hyper pigmentation?

Do you want to address deep lines on the forehead, or around the eyes (crows feet are one of the number one complaints of women and men with aging skin). Or do you maybe want to improve your skin tone and increase firmness, avoiding that sagging look that happens as we age?

You can actually address all three of those major skin concerns with a regimen of anti aging products that work in unison to accomplish all three at once. One of my first and favorite recommendations as our pick for best rated anti aging products is the Revitol line of creams, serums, and night time and daytime treatments for the prevention of all three of these unfortunate symptoms of aging skin.

For a full review of the Revitol line, please see Revitol skin cream reviews. You will see why I love them, they address all three symptoms of aging using a multi pronged approach, AND they also use the ingredients that are the latest proven effective in wrinkles, age spots, toning and firming, and deep lines. And they’re reasonably priced. Oh yeah, they also have some great before and after photos.

Ok, now onto some items that you can find online as well as in your local drugstore. The first one is brand new, and hence I have not had the opportunity to actually try it out yet, but it is by the leader in over the counter anti aging skin care currently, Oil of Olay.

Gosh, I remember when this company used to simply have one product in their line. Oh, how the times have changed! If you were to march down the skin care aisle of your local retail store, you would see that Oil of Olay monopolizes much of the anti aging skin care section.

Their products are immensely popular because, although they are on the high end of drugstore brand products, they still offer a less expensive, and in many women’s eyes, effective, alternative to those tiny fifty dollar jars you buy at expensive department stores.

The newest Olay product that I have not yet tried but that has generated early buzz, albeit mostly by the company themselves, for what they say is a 25% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in the patients they studied over a 24 week period, called Pro-X.

These new products feature a bold red packaging, and look very impressive and clinical which is what I think they were aiming for, since they were looking to create a product that could rival one of the most effective prescription anti aging products on the market, called Renova.

The claim so far is that over a 24 week period, they did see significant improvement in the subject’s fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to a combination of a milder, less irritating form of retinol, a derivative of vitamin B3, and peptides.

The result they say is that you get the sloughing off of the skin that is needed to reveal new skin and stimulate additional collagen production, without the harsh flaking and dryness that can be associated with more pure prescription forms of the ingredient.

Since I try just about everything, you can bet I will be trying this product soon and reporting on how it affected my skin. If you are more interested in something that is supposed to target under eye circles, which is a huge problem among women and men, then there is a product out there that is generating some positive buzz called Hydrolyze.

I have not yet tried this because the primary goal is to target dark under the eye circles, and I have never personally had a problem with that, but from their site it looks like a product that might warrant some further investigation if you do suffer from this problem.

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