Brazilian Keratin Treatment Reviews

There are scores of women who are looking for hair treatments that will leave their hair smooth and manageable on a permanent basis.However, the straightening processes of yesteryear, such as Japanese Straightening (AKA thermal reconditioning), left something to be desired.

While women loved the straight locks treatments like these gave them, they still liked to have body and the option to have waves once in a while.  Older straightening treatments however, only left you with pin straight hair, all the time.

My own personal review of my experience with getting the Brazilian Keratin treatment is positive as far as outcome, but negative because years after I got it I found out why my hair seemed much weaker after the treatment wore off, and dried out and even broke off in many areas. The treatments often contain unsafe levels of formaldehyde, and for this reason I do not recomment them any more. You can read for my experience, I just wanted to share my personal feelings on the treatment first, knowing what I know now. However, I will share with you a few suspicious things I noticed after the treatment wore off.  Nothing huge, just an observation – and of course, it may just be my own experience and not necessarily happen to everyone.  Overall, I liked the results.

And alas, where there is a beauty need, there is the answer to the call.  The Brazilian Keratin straightening and smoothing treatment was born.

This has been a rave reviewed hair process by most accounts, with a few drawbacks cited. After all, nothing is 100% perfect, and everyone is going to have a different experience based on several factors, not the least of which is their own hair type and texture.

I got my Keratin treatment at a salon near where I work in Northeastern Ohio.

There are actually a lot of salons that are doing this or some variation of it now, which is good for those that are interested in trying it.  I’ll tell you first about the process and the price.

I got my Keratin treatment at a salon near where I work in Northeastern Ohio.

There are actually a lot of salons that are doing this or some variation of it now, which is good for those that are interested in trying it.

I’ll tell you first about the process and the price.  I paid $400 total for my Brazilian Keratin hair treatment.  I have long hair. It comes below my shoulder blades in the back, and they usually base the price on the length of your hair, since this determines how much time they’ll be spending on you.

I thought this was a bit more economical than the Japanese straightening service, which can be double that cost, however, it also does not last as long in your hair. The Brazilian Keratin treatment lasts about 3-5 months, depending on a number of factors, while the Japanese one lasts 6-12 months.

Another key difference between the two is that your hair can still have body with the Keratin treatment, it will just be smoother in texture and a lot more manageable, especially in humid environments.  Remember, if you’re looking for a vitamin and system to regrow thicker hair, check out Provillus Hair Loss System for women.

The process for the Brazilian Keratin smoothing hair treatment takes about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete.

There is a solution applied to the hair, and then a very hot iron is run over it to seal the treatment in.

They start off the treatment by stripping your hair as much as they can with a special shampoo so the keratin can penetrate into the hair shaft and go to work.

Your hair comes out looking very straight and very smooth.  You are instructed to not wash your hair or get it wet or even moist for a full 48 hours, which is three days.  In other words, don’t get caught in the rain, carry an umbrella everywhere for those 3 days!

I was also told that I could not use any shampoos or conditioners that contained sulfates or salts, as salts strip the treatment out of the hair more quickly.  I purchased a special (and very expensive) shampoo, which I actually did not like since it made my hair feel like straw.

I would recommend anyone ask if they can try a trial of a shampoo before they buy it for that reason.  You can find other great sulfate free shampoos online and in stores, so I don’t feel it’s vital to buy what the salon wants you to.

I really liked how my hair looked after the treatment, however, I did notice that it felt a bit drier and didn’t shine as much as the Japanese process made my hair shine.  What I really liked though, was that after a few days when I could wash and condition my hair, I could still style it with waves and body, and yet the frizz was greatly reduced and there was no “kinkiness” in my waves or curls as there previously was.

Now, for the other drawback that I noticed only months after getting the treatment.  I noticed that I seemed to be experiencing a bit more breakage than usual, so I started to get more flyaways on the top of my head. I also noticed that my hair started shedding a bit more than normal.

It wasn’t anything disastrous, but I did notice it.  When it all comes down to it, the Brazilian Keratin treatment and the Japanese straight perm both use chemicals to make your hair straight, smooth and frizz free. Different people’s hair may react differently to those chemicals.

Another point of controversy with the Brazilian Keratin treatment and a reason that some give it a negative review, is that many of the formulas use formaldehyde in them. Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical, and some formulas tested for more than the acceptable “safe” amount for human exposure.

However, there are supposedly some formaldehyde free formulas now, as are supposedly used in the Brazilian Blowout version of this treatment.  Be sure to do your research before getting this treatment.  I wish I had known about the potential formaldehyde before I got my treatment years ago.

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