Getting Rid of Cellulite

It is estimated that about 95% of all women have cellulite. That is a staggering number, and seems almost impossible to beat! We are lucky enough to live in an age where cosmetic and “nutraceutical” technology is becoming so advanced, getting rid of cellulite is becoming easier, more affordable, and faster.

We have several anti cellulite creams, treatments and even anti cellulite herbal supplements and cellulite remedies at our disposal to add to our anti cellulite arsenal. Getting rid of cellulite is an uphill battle, and as of yet there are no “permanent” fixes.

But there are ways to effectively and dramatically reduce cellulite and smooth those puckered, spongy areas into submission. Be sure to read our tips below to maximize your results too, used consistently, they do work.

Getting rid of cellulite is easier and so much more effective with more than one method of cellulite treatment. First, a high quality anti cellulite cream, lotion or gel is a good start, since the smoothing, tightening, and water retention relief ingredients almost immediately smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Not only are there some excellent anti cellulite creams, gels and serums that are applied topically which help to reduce subcutaneous fluid, which reduces the appearance of cellulite, but there are also body wraps for cellulite that add the principle of compression and detoxification of the tissue as well.

By helping your body dispose of excess water retention and built up toxins, anti cellulite supplements actually help shrink the fat cells that are responsible for the appearance of cellulite.

Getting rid of cellulite becomes a less daunting task when you combine an excellent anti cellulite cream and oral anti cellulite remedy, since you are attacking cellulite “from both ends”.

If you approach the cellulite fight this way, I guarantee you will see a noticeable reduction in cellulite in about four to eight weeks. All you have to lose is the cellulite if you follow this approach to getting rid of cellulite!

Also, the massaging action that is used to apply the cellulite lotion actually helps to externally stimulate circulation and break up the collagen bands just below the surface that cause the puckered, spongy texture externally.

One of the biggest ways you can help to rid your body of cellulite is to vigorously massage the tissue that is most affected.  This helps to tighten the skin by reducing the water retention beneath the skin’s surface, and it also performs another very critical function in breaking down cellulite deposits.

Massaging vigorously, as with the same mechanism that a very popular technique called endermology, helps to break down collagen bands, which form with age. These bands draw the skin tight in certain areas, and cause that ugly puckered appearance that we call cellulite.

Regular, vigorous massage helps break them apart, but you must keep it up because they do tend to draw together again after it’s been a few weeks that they’ve been reduced. That’s just part of the program with cellulite, even professional treatments are required to go into a maintenance program, so you can maintain results after the initial results are achieved.

Another highly recommended method to get rid of cellulite, IN COMBINATION with your anti cellulite cream, is an herbal or all natural cellulite fighting supplement designed to specifically target the internal causes of cellulite formation.

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