Lip Enhancement with Lip Plumpers, 1-2-3 PLUMP!

Big, pouty, soft and sensuous lips are all the rage now. Who can deny that a large, soft and welcoming set of lips is the ultimate symbol of sexiness and femininity? The sudden interest in the new wave of lip plumpers and natural lip enhancement methods is all owed to a few famous and beautiful women – models and actresses – with the coveted plump lips all of us women now crave.

Lisa Rinna, Angelina Jolie, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, Scarlett Johanssen and other popular models and starlets have brought modern day lip plumping to the forefront of cosmetic technology.

The Cosmetics Companies Have Answered this Demand with High Tech Lip Plumping and Enhancing Cosmetics

Several high profile cosmetic companies, and even some “little unknown” guys have come forth with lip plumpers that promise fuller, softer, sexier and plumper lips as well as superior moisture building and retention for added fullness and poutiness. These high tech ingredients work in several different ways.

You just need to find the one that works for you. It’s key to find one that does not dry your lips, as this defeats the purpose of inflating your lips – one of my favorites is Lip Fusion, followed by Cushy Lips (read full review of Cushy Lips, or read on below for more info). Dry lips equal deflated lips, so you always want your kisser to be moist, moist, moist!

The high quality plumping agents will pump up the volume of the lip tissue, usually temporarily (one is actually known to really build the collagen though, slowly over time, supposedly permanently), mostly by dramatically enhancing and increasing the moisture retention abilities of the soft tissues your lips are composed of, which makes them inflate.

This is all done without needles or surgery, although if you’re currently say like a Demi Moore pout and you want more of, say an Angelina Jolie pout, you’ll probably opt for surgery, since no natural lip plumper will enhance your lip size to those artificial heights.

How Do These Topically Applied Plumpers Make Your Lips Bigger?
The modern day lip plumper will generally work one of two ways. They either: 

a.) Irritate the outer layer of the skin on the lip, causing flushing and swelling strictly caused by irritation to the outer membrane. While these types of plumping agents such as Lip Venom by Duwop do produce immediate results and have many, many fans, I’ve personally found that  although I love the way it makes my lips look for about a half hour, my lips quickly dry out and “deflate”. It leaves my lips dry and chafed the next day too, so I’m more apt to pick a type “b” lip plumper.

b.) The “Moisture Boosters” – These types of lip plumpers work by expanding lip tissues temporarily, or permanently as claimed by Cushy Lips, which claims to enlarge your lips more permanently and over a gradual time span by helping to dramatically boost collagen production and help the lips maintain moisture better. My favorite moisturizing-wise if definitely Lip Fusion. I get the best results in plumping moisture infusion that last for a long time with this one, just wish it was a wee bit less expensive :(

And the part I love best is it’s helped me kick my chapstick-every-ten-minutes habit. My lips are finally not parched nonstop. They actually hold moisture. The sheen is pretty awesome too. The flavor’s good, and I like it! Nuff said.

Will Any of These Products Really Increase and Enhance my Lip Volume by Two or Three Times, as Some Claim?

While no topically applied lip enhancement formula can increase the size of your lips by two times (that’s double!), these lip plumpers often can make a visible difference in the fullness and softness of your lips. If you want dramatic, permanently plumped lips, you should probably look into collagen or restylene injections, as these are the only means which will provide that dramatic of an increase in your lip fullness.

A word of caution though, many beautiful women have gotten this done, only to emerge with deformed looking lips. It’s a shame, but the lip enhancement surgery and injection process just doesn’t give natural enough results yet – it hasn’t been totally perfected to that point yet. Until then ladies, I suggest you pick up a good lip plumper as suggested above!

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