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Men’s Options for Male to Female Breast Enlargement

While it is true that most breast augmentations, whether a natural or surgical method, are performed on women, there are also a number of men desiring male breast enlargement.

Many male to female transsexuals, female impersonators, cross dressing men, or just men with certain fetishes or special interests seek to enlarge their breasts and make them look and feel like female breasts to improve their self confidence and self image, just like the women who are seeking larger breasts.  There are male breast enhancement products that will do this for men too.

Bountiful Breast’s Transfemme Male Breast Enlargement pills work to enlarge and naturally fill out male breasts – it is highly effective on nonbiological females.  Check out the customer reviews of Bust Fuel male herbal breast enlargement for men for testimonials  – just go to their testimonial page and you’ll see “Male testimonials” of men who have used this male to female hormone therapy very successfully to grow their breasts to larger sizes.

There is actually almost no difference between male and female breast tissue, except that the balance of estrogenic hormones in a woman’s body outnumber a man’s, and this is what determines the volume of breast tissue.

Men seeking male to female breast enlargement or “shemale” breast enlargement as it has been termed, actually have the same options women do. Those options are male breast augmentation surgery, or a male or and herbally based female breast enhancement pill, cream, or system designed to naturally enlarge the male breast by stimulating the body’s own hormones and essentially manipulating them to grow new breast tissue by creating a new hormonal balance.

While there is a condition in men and young boys, often unwanted, called Gynecomastia, that results in female-like breast development in males, the technology and product development to recreate this natural phenomena in men who desire breast growth, has been a little more difficult to harness.

It is actually hypothetically and scientifically easier to enlarge women’s breasts due to a pre-existing abundance of breast tissue growth- inducing hormones and chemicals. So, if a man wants to grow his breasts to look more like a female’s breasts, then what are his natural options?

There are a few natural male breast enhancement products currently available today that really do work and help men develop breast tissue like a female. These male breast enlargement pills and programs are quickly gaining popularity and recognition in the transgender world as a highly effective, nonsurgical method of growing the male breasts.

Our male breast enlarger of choice is Transfemme.  This is by far the most comprehensive and effective product to give men cup size increases and the same fullness and tissue growth as a woman’s breasts.

As with any other natural remedy or supplement, the potential buyer should be aware of any possible allergies or sensitivities they may have to certain herbs or foods. Also, be aware if you are taking a preparation that contains any type of phytoestrogens, as this type of supplement, when combined the male hormonal chemistry, can cause is sues with acne, mood swings, and other hormone-related issues.

Males can definitely get results from natural breast enhancement products and breast pills, they just need to find one that specifically targets the male breast. Success depends on the product chosen and has a direct relation to the amount of time on it – try, if you can, to stay on Transfemme for a full 13.5 months – you will see the most dramatic results this way!

AND don’t forget to pair it with Zenmed’s Benefil breast enhancement topical cream for extra growth.

Here’s just one testimonial for the Transfemme Transgender Male Breast Enhancement Product – (there are many more on the website):

First of all I would like to that Jules so much for all your help and tough questions I have had.  I feel like I have made an attachment with a new friend, thanks love you and your product. Well, this is my testimonial.

When I started out I was a small a cup, now after three months i fit into a full c cup bra.  well I started as an a just kind of playing around and stuff like some of the others, it was amazing I started noticing results after about two or three weeks, and my bra was getting tight.  so I went to the store and tried on some A bras and to my surprise I filled it out quite nicely. I have always worn my hair pretty long it has been down to my shoulders and stuff but I noticed that it grew a little more in length and also got thicker, thick enough to where I could layer it and that’s what I did.  my skin is a huge improvement it got smoother and softer along with the hair getting more and more finer and not growing back as fast. my finger nails grow faster, and look much better no more acrylics for me!!!!.

I have also noticed a loss in weight and some muscle, and now my shoulders are less broad now. more of like a woman’s figure.  well not too long ago I was getting worried why my clothing was not fitting anymore everything was like different, so I called BountifulBreast and talked to the very nice Jules and asked her why? she told me that the chemical make up has changed in my body to more female that means more estrogen and that I have taken on the hourglass figure of a biological woman.  she told me that my hips thighs and butt have probably gotten rounder and lifted and just completely changed. I went to the store that day and got fitted for a dress and I wear a size 8 fits like a glove and I purchased some jeans, shorts, and skirts.  so I called Jules the next day and told her that I took her advice, the woman’s clothes fit perfect and that she also said that I would have to wear women’s clothes from now on.  as I have been talking to Jules on the phone she said to me that my voice sounds very much like a woman maybe my voice had changed I don’t know. I also told her that I am thinking about having a sex change operation and become a female completely, she was very supportive of me on that note thanks so much Jules…i have found that the best results have come from taking two pill a day spaced out. I am in the process of changing my name to be a female name to suit me better.  once again thanks so much, and thank you Jules…….

sincerely,  Trisha

Transfemme Male Breast Enlargement Pills

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