Natural Shampoos : Do They Work to Clean Your Hair?

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I’ve been experimenting now for months with a natural shampoo formulation and finally found success with just the right blend of ingredients to both adequately clean my hair and leave it shiny and bouncy and also keep it moisturized.

SLS, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, is the active “lathering” ingredient in most shampoos you see on store shelves today. This is a very harsh, high-lather detergent that strips the hair of moisture, irritates the scalp, and roughs the cuticle of the hair up, which is the outer layer of each strand that makes the hair either look frizzy or lay flat and shiny and “calm”.

Here’s the rub with natural shampoos. Sometimes, since they don’t lather as high as SLS-containing shampoos, people tend to think they are not cleaning their hair. That is absolutely untrue, it is just that we are conditioned today to think that our soaps, toothpastes and shampoos have to have a mound of lather to actually cleanse surfaces.

In fact, once you start using natural shampoos with more gentle, lower lather cleansing agents, you realize that they not only clean your hair better and remove buildup, but they also can help maintain a healthier scalp, keep dandruff at bay and make for a much healthier, shinier and more vibrant head of hair.

Oh yeah, my natural shine enhancing shampoo also does not strip away my color quickly like traditional shampoos do. This has been one of my favorite aspects of the shampoo because I hate coloring my hair and watching it fade within a matter of days or weeks. I like when it stays saturated and full of life for a long time, and my shampoo allows for that, so I can go longer between coloring which I love.

I found that since I’ve been using my natural shampoo, my hair color (which I do once every couple of months) stays in much longer and looks much richer for much longer.

Since my scalp and hair is in much better condition, and I’m not adding parabens and all kinds of other chemicals to my scalp and hair, I’m sticking with my natural shampoo for a long, long time. My hair has never looked better, I can honestly say.


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