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Hello everyone! This is the new format for Cosmetics Galore, a veteran cosmetics and beauty products review site that I’ve been running now for about seven years. It has certainly flown by, and the site has definitely grown a lot and taken some turns, both for better or for worse (apparently some search engines now shun review sites, but hey, we’ll roll with the punches and keep bringing these reviews to you, our readers!)

I just wanted to introduce the new format since I’ll be occasionally posting updates in a shorter format. They’ll be all about things like new beauty crazes, makeup tips, natural enhancement products and beauty supplements, slimming and cellulite reduction tips and all things beauty.

I want to really start focusing on natural beauty, because in the past two or so years I’ve really come to see that natural, preservative and chemical “non toxic” beauty products are really what we all should be using. I’ve started using many all natural beauty and personal care products and frankly, I’ll never go back to using toxic body care.

This is truly my passion now, and I want to share it with the readers. I’ve even dabbled in making my own all natural products, and will also share that with all of you too.

So welcome to our new format, and please, since you now have the ability to post comments – post, post, post! That’s what it’s all about – sharing. Please no spam and no rudeness – this is a community that will be modeled in the spirit of respect, passion and fun.