Best Black Lipstick Drugstore You Should Try

best black lipstick drugstore

When it comes to lipsticks, the black one is winning the fashion world lately. With celebrities like Rihanna and Hadid trending with hot black lipsticks on their lips, some women are slowly following suit. Many women however still find wearing black lipstick a big challenge. For starters, it looks kind of intimidating and empowering at the same time. Then they look like they belong to Halloween or to a cult. However way you view black lipsticks, they make heads turn and they have a certain appeal that makes you want to stare at the wearers lips for long.

The curiosity about black lipsticks got us to finding out what the best shades are and why they stand out from the rest. Apparently, in our quest to find the best, we realised that almost every cosmetics giant company has a range of black lipsticks. Not many people too put out reviews of the black drugstore lipstick. Below are three of our favourite black lipsticks that will inspire you to wear black in style.

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Top Black Lipstick Drugstore Reviews

Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick – Black Velvet

Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick - Black Velvet

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If you are looking for the perfect black lipstick to express your personality, then try Lime Crime Black Velvet. This lipstick is the real deal and has a formula that allows it to dry very fast after application unlike many other lipsticks in the market. The lipstick is matte and it shouts bold and style. Created by lime crime best known for the most innovative and colourful cosmetic trends, and hair colour brand black velvet is one of their best quality products.

Founded by Doe Deere, Lime Crime aims at creating products that allow you to express yourself unapologetically. You can experiment with the wide range of colours available at your disposal to feel unique. Lime crime products do not make you look like everyone else but they make you stand out from the crowd. All the company’s products are high performing made from quality ingredients. Manufacturing and assembling of all the products is done in Los Angeles.


The lime crime black velvet is both stylish and bold. The smooth lipstick allows you to stand out from the crowd and to express your personality fully.

Quality materials

The materials that make the lipstick are high quality. The formula that goes into making the liquid black lipstick allows the lipstick to dry fast after application and it is transfer-proof, touch-proof, and addictive.


The lipstick lasts long without any smudges

Free of cruelty

The company does not test its products on animals and all the products are from vegan materials.


The lipstick texture is consistent and it gives your lips great pigmentation and full coverage.


The lipstick is very comfortable to wear and it will not give your lips any patches or flakes


The lipstick has a sweet smelling fragrance that is close to vanilla

How to use

  1. Before applying the lipstick, first exfoliate and apply a moisturiser on your lips
  2. Make a touch up of the rest of your makeup and if you have any excess lip balm on your lips, wipe it off
  3. Starting at the centre of the lips to the corners, apply a thin coat of velevetine, do not use too many layers because if you do it will take longer to dry
  4. Go out and show off your black lips with pride


  • Makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Dries fast
  • Long lasting
  • Cruelty free
  • Lightweight
  • You do not need a lot of makeup when you wear the lipstick
  • Easy to apply
  • Great packaging
  • Does not flake or form patches


  • It is pricey
  • The fragrance does not go well with everyone
  • Quantity of the lipstick is less compared to many other brands in the market


With a rating of 4.5/5, the product is great and many people adore it. The shade is good and comfortable and it makes you stand out. It is comfortable to wear and even though it a bit pricey compared to other lipsticks in the market, it is worth every penny.

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Maybelline Sensational Black Matte Lipstick

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Black Lipstick Matte Lipstick

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Maybelline brands are some of the most easily available in the market. The Maybelline lipstick line is sensational and the black matte is one of the most sold items. The lipstick comes in a beautiful color coordinator bottle and a pointed applicator, which makes it easy to apply the liquid lipstick. It is simply sexy and gives you a pouty boss like look. It is a lipstick that shouts be different, be daring, be bossy.

Long lasting

Maybelline black matte liquid lipstick stays on for 16 hours and it does not cause any flakes or smudges


The black matte liquid lipstick is unique and you will sure make people turn when they see you in it. It makes the wearer stand out.

Easy to apply

With just one stroke of the applicator, you will have a perfect coat of creamy matte liquid sensation on your lips.


The lipstick tastes like honey nectar, which is a good thing because you will not have nasty taste that many other lipsticks have.

Use less makeup

The black lipstick stands out and as such, you do not need to cake up your face with too much makeup. Black matte does it all for you.

Goes well with anything

Just in case you decide to put on other makeup on your face, do not worry because black matte goes well with anything. If you are a fashion icon, then you are in luck too because you can wear your Maybelline black matte liquid lipstick with just about any outfit.


The lipstick is light and you can carry it everywhere you go. Its packaging is very convenient, so you do not have to worry about it opening and spilling into your purse.

Breaks monotony

Black is not as common as many other shades in the market. If you want to break the monotony of other shades, then Maybelline black matte is the way to go

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How to apply

  1. Using the applicator, apply the lipstick from the centre of the upper lip and follow the contours until you have every part covered.
  2. Do the same for the lower lip
  3. Put your lips together, pout and walk away with a stride.


  • Comes in a convenient package
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts long
  • Tastes nice
  • Affordable
  • Makes you feel unique
  • Does not flake
  • Does not leave any smudges


  • Feels sticky when you put your lips together after application

With a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, matte black lipstick is a great buy if you are the bold type and want to stand out from the rest. The lipstick turns your lips into a seductive black and the lipstick is comfortable to wear too. I recommend you to go for it.

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NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss Blackberry Pie

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

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 NYX Cosmetics Professional Makeup Company, are creators of high quality beauty products. Their line of butter gloss lipsticks come in 12 shades and one of the most striking is the black shade. Every shade delivers a glossy finish with a sheer look.


The butter gloss blackberry lasts up to 16 hours without flaking out or smudging.


It weighs only 0.32 ounces, which means that adding it in your purse will be no problem. You will not feel like it is there.


The lipstick is very comfortable to wear and it does not stick. It is buttery soft and it gives your lips a medium coverage. You can walk and do anything the whole day without having to worry about the lipstick letting you down.


Do you need the perfect pout? Do you want to feel kissable? Do you want to stand out and look unique? Do you want extra soft lips? NYX butter blackberry lip-gloss will do all these for you.


The lip-gloss tastes like butterscotch


It comes with a wonderful comforting scent


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Medium coverage
  • Reliable
  • Unique
  • It is glossy so there is no need of extra gloss
  • Tastes great
  • Has an amazing scent


  • Some people claim the lipstick feels sticky on the lips


If you are looking for the perfect lip-gloss to wear if you are going out on a date, then this is one of the most romantic pieces in the market. Your lips feel supple and kissable. Your confidence goes on another level and you will stand out from the rest. With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 starts, this lipstick is a popular buy. Read all the customers reviews to find out why they love it.

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Wrapping it up

Black lipstick makes you stand out. It is a colour becoming very popular especially with high-ranking celebrities. Black gets you noticed and they make your lips have a sexy kind of pout. Some assume the Gothic look while others assume the daring sexy princess look, the above-mentioned brands are some if the best in the market and they will make you feel comfortable and sexy.

You can wear the lipsticks for long hours without worrying about flaking and smudges. What is even better is that they will not put a dent into your purses because they are affordable. You want that unique sexy look; go with the best black lipstick drugstore.