Best Drugstore Lip Pencil 2019 Reviews

Best Drugstore Lip Pencil

Wearing a good lip liner makes so much difference even if some people think otherwise. For starters, a lip pencil makes your application of whatever kind of lipstick become seamless and it helps the lips pout out more. Finding a good lip pencil is not as easy as it may seem. Finding one that satisfies you from the drugstore is even harder. Very few beauty and cosmetics companies create satisfactorily good lip pencils.

A lip pencil helps your lipstick to last longer and look more enhanced. The lips become either smaller or fuller according to how you apply your lip pencil and you can rest assured that with a lip pencil accompanying your lipstick, you will have less or no smudges on your lips. The trick is to fill your lips first with a quality lip pencil before applying the lipstick.

Drugstore lip pencils are less pricey than other fancy pencils in the market. This does not mean that the pencil is low quality because when you pair it with a good lipstick, you will realise that it is as good as the fancy ones. All you need to do is find a good drugstore lip pencil that compliments your lip shade and you are good to go. The lip pencils are very affordable and you do not have to dig deep into the pockets to own a good quality piece. Below are some of the best drugstore lip pencils in the market.

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Best Drugstore Lip Pencil On The Market

Milani Colour Statement Lip Liner Review

Milani Color Statement Lip Liner, All Natural

Milani Colour Statement Lip Liner is great especially when you do not want to depend on your lipstick to do all the work for you. The lip pencil comes in gorgeous shades and it adds more colour to your lips. The liner weighs only 0.04 ounces and gives your lips a satin color with just one stroke. It has an easy glide formula and it lasts for hours.

The lip liner allows you to shape, define and fill your lips with ease. It gives your lips a matte finish creating the best base for whatever shade you put. Milani has beautiful lip liner shades that match perfectly with whatever skin colour you have.


The packaging of the lip liner denotes the colour. It is easy to spot all the Milani Lip Liners from the packaging because they are all colour coded. The pencil is very handy as it is small and sleek. The pencil has a gold cap, which does not go loose at any time.


The lip liner is very affordable and you will not feel a pinch. It is worth every penny.


The lip liners shade is a true red and looks very gorgeous and sexy. It adds to the facial glow and makes it easy to apply lipstick on. The colour looks good on everyone that tries it and it complements almost all skin tones. If you are going to a party, wedding or any other celebratory occasion, wear this lip liner to stand out.


The lip liners staying power is good. It can last for 6 to 7 hours and loses very little colour. After application, it may transfer a bit but after a while that stops. It will not settle on the lip creases and it will not cling to any dry patch.


To get rid of the lip liner color from you lips, use a quality makeup remover


You get the opportunity of choosing from a variety of shades


  • Handy
  • Great color-coded packaging
  • Amazing shade
  • Soft creamy texture
  • Good pigmentation
  • Great for occasions and festive seasons
  • Goes well with all skin types
  • Defines the lips
  • Long stay
  • Matte finish
  • Several shades to choose from


  • The lip liner pencil sharpening is challenging because it does not get as pointed, as it should be or as it looks in all the pictures of the lip liner. This causes too much wastage
  • Gets over quickly because of the wastage from sharpening


Would you buy this lip liner? The answer is definitely. With a rating of 4.7/5, it is one of the best lip liners in the market. The quality is good and it is a creation from a good company.

Maybelline Makeup Color Sensational Lip Liner Review

Maybelline Makeup Color Sensational Lip Liner Review

Maybelline understands beauty very well and they know that defined and lush lips are every woman’s dream. For this reason, the beauty, cosmetics and makeup giants have lined up sensational lip liners with 14 different shades. This means that whatever look you have you will definitely find a shade of a lip liner to compliment it. Unlike other lip liners in the market, this one is unique because for starters it is self-sharpening.

It clearly defines your lip lines reading them up for whatever shade of lipstick you choose. The lip liner has a proof formula that prevents it from smudging and feathering. The lip liner does not bleed at any time. If you want a bold look that shouts, “I am beautiful and I know it”, match your lip liner shade with other color sensational lipstick shades to attain the perfect looking lips.

Smudge-proof formula

The lip liner does not feather or bleed out. It comes with a creamy smudge proof formula that keeps it intact to define your lips perfectly


The built-in-sharpener allows the lip liner to line, fill and define your lips better


The lip liners come in 14 different shades and the clear shade is compatible with all kinds lip shades. You can use this clear shade liner as a primer for your lipstick for longer lasting effects


The packaging of the lip liner is compact and lightweight, as it weighs only 0.16 ounces


The lip liner is very affordable and worth every penny

How to use

  1. Draw a cupid’s bow on your lips and at the centre of both lips draw an X.
  2. Outline the outer parts of your lips by drawing a line across them
  3. Using a liner, contour the inside lips, centre of the lips and the corners.
  4. Fill ya the lips with your favourite lipstick shade starting from the centre


  • Lightweight
  • In-built-sharpener
  • Great for a natural look
  • Comes in different shades
  • Affordable
  • Easy to apply
  • Lasts long
  • Does not feather
  • Smudge proof formula
  • Does not bleed into wrinkles
  • Good for all skin tones


  • Dries up overtime
  • Some people claim the colours are too bright for them
  • Crumbles rather easily


With majority of the users giving the product more than 4.5 stars, I would say it is worth the try. If you are looking for well defines supple lips, then this product will not let you down.

COVERGIRL Lip Perfection Lip Liner Review

COVERGIRL Lip Perfection Lip Liner Review

If you are looking for compliments when you walk out of that door, make sure you use COVERGIRL Perfection Lip Liner as your lipstick and gloss base. It is an opaque and creamy little perfection. This lip liner will transform your lips and your whole face to give it a definition rich in moisture and colour. With over 8 different shades in the market, chances are you will never miss a shade that compliments your skin tone.


The lip liner has classic packaging features. On the outside, it is brown and the actual colour of the liner shows at the end, the inside wood is a lovely black colour.


Compared to other brands in the market, COVERGIRL Perfection Lip liner is pricey


The texture of the lip liner is creamy and does not form any smears. It glides smoothly on the lips as you apply

Long lasting

The liner has great lasting power and does not change much even after a meal or a drink. If there is any fading, it is very slight

How to use

Before applying on you favourite shade of lipstick, apply a lip line across your lip edges and a bit of it on the upper lip inside to get the perfect lip outline and to define your lips.


  • Lightweight
  • Has a smooth creamy texture
  • Easy to apply
  • Lasts long
  • Great and compact packaging


  • Does not come with a sharpener
  • A lot of wastage from sharpening
  • Slight fading after some time
  • Does not stay for long because of too much sharpening and wastage


Despite the above disadvantages, COVERGIRL Perfection Lip liner is a great product and it will make you feel special. It is a comfortable wear and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 starts. Transform your look with the perfect lip liner that defines and provides an amazing colour while at the same time conditioning your lips.

Wrapping it up

Applying a lip liner is the first step to creating a luscious pair of supple and seductive lips. Finding the right lip liner to attain this look may not be that easy. With the above products, you can rest assured that your lipstick application will always stay on top of the game. The above lip liners will not harm your skin no matter the kin of tone you have and they are compatible with different skin types.

They also go well with a variety of lipstick shades and they are affordable. They are light, so you have no excuse of not carrying them with you everywhere you go. If you want non-feathered lips, you know what to buy. For these and more, read our previous articles and find out what makeup products are good for you.

Best Drugstore Lip Pencil 2019 Reviews
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